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FAQ in Manufacturing productivity monitoring with SENSE4

Sense 4 frequently asked questions in industries

1. What type of machinery can be monitored with SENSE4?

HUNT-R can be used on any industrial machinery. The only requirement is that it must consume more than 1 Ampere of energy at the measurement point for the system to operate properly.

2. How does SENSE4 determines the productive state of each machine?

HUNT-R´s engine classifies each machine state based upon power consumption patterns and a proprietary AI algorithm trained for each machine type.

3. Do I have to install something within the machines to be able to run SENSE4?

No. The system is completely non-invasive. The sensors are connected directly to the power cables with a special clamp-like sensor. No electrical installation or cable cutting is required.

4. How do the sensors send the information?

SENSE4 sensors are wireless and non-invasive. They transmit at a low frequency within the BLUETOOTH protocol band.

5. Do I need to put power plugs for the sensors?

No. The sensors are battery powered.

6. How do I access the data in the system?

The data is accessed by users through a web page through a user code and password.

7. How does the system connect to the internet?

The system is connected through a Gateway that must be installed in the plant. The Gateway receives the information from the sensors, processes it, and sends the result to SENSE4 website through a secure VPN tunnel.

8. Where is my information hosted?

SENSE4 system is hosted on AWS secure servers in the USA.

9. How many sensors can I have?

There is no limit to the number of sensors. However, it is recommended to put one Gateway for every 30 sensors, to guarantee an adequate wireless signal at the receiver.

10. Can I integrate Sense4 results with my production systems?

Yes, we can integrate with custom customer systems, but you must have adequate documentation or support from those third-party API systems.

11. Can I have alarms that alert by not meeting my availability goals?

It is possible to incorporate both alerts by email and/or telegram messenger

12. Can more variables be incorporated into the system?

It's possible to customize the system on demand. The individual characteristics of each machine should be analyzed and identify the sensors for each variable that you want to track.

13. Can I integrate equipment production, quality, or maintenance results?

Yes. These variables can be integrated into the system using sensors or integrations that are customized on a case-by-case basis.

14. How many users can the system have?

The system initially comes with 3 default concurrent users: administrator, operator, and technician. Other hierarchies can be customized on demand.

15. My machine is very complex, can I get reports for more than 4 states?

In our experience with 4 states is enough to characterize any machine´s productive state. If more is needed, we can help you analyze your specific case to increase the number of states to report.

16. Can I export the data to excel files?

Yes, the system has export tools in CSV format that can be processed in excel.

17. Can I create users who cannot see statistics, but report stops only?

Yes, the system handles roles for users. You can have administrator users, users who only view statistics, and users who only report stops.

18. Is it possible to have personalized information on a dashboard in the production area?

Yes, it is possible through an additional personalized service to generate custom dashboards to display information of interest on screens in the production floor area.

19. Can I get advice on sizing/installation?

Yes. Advisory services are on-demand and quoted separately.

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