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Leased equipment nationwide recovery in USA with NAVITAS

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

IoT in Food Trucks leasing: Tracking location for recovery management through NAVITAS


In 2020 a Food Truck manufacturer started using NAVITAS solution to track its fleet across the US. The company leases trucks on long term contracts to food business owners. If a customer fails to meet the payment arrangements a recovery service must be enforced. Since the trucks can be anywhere by this moment, a long-lasting battery-powered GPS unit was placed into the truck's chassis which enables daily position updates in the web platform and issue updated reports for each unit.


Web Platform for location monitor, virtual geofencing and notification alerts.

Daily email reports with units’ location.

Customer challenges and key benefits

The customer needed a solution that helps them to recover any equipment on payment overdue status across the USA territory. Since the trucks do not have any internal power source, the device needed to come with a long-lasting battery hardware setup.

Lantern´s USA partner LinkAmerica was able to provide a five-year solution with an autonomous device along with a web platform that enables the customer to monitor every vehicle’s last location in. In addition, they are now capable of setting their own virtual geofences, generate interactive reports and activate email notifications alerts helping them keep their entire fleet controlled.

One key element for the success of this case was the flexibility of Link America’s proposed business model. The customer receives a full-service bundle including the GPS device, 4G connectivity, web platform, reports, training, and support for a fixed monthly fee per each truck. Being a rental company, this model helped them keep control of their cashflow. LinkAmerica provided a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than any other competitor in the market.

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