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Upgrading a Dinosaur Machine to monitor Throughput with just $300 bucks + IoT

Keiner Morales- Alfredo Chamberlain

May 3rd, 2020 - 5 min read

Without any doubt, engineers and production supervisors want real-time feedback on your manufacturing lines to make data-driven decisions in both tactical and strategic ways. The tricky part: my tool is old and my budget is low.

The following is my Dashboard from the ATS platform, where I can see the RPM of my process and my tool output linearity in real-time.

My dinosaur tool: A super-sized Plastic Extruder Machine. It’s a quite impressive big-size tool that does not offer to monitor out of the box without considering a significant upgrade.

I found myself doing my research until I found that IoT offers many low-cost solutions for any industry. I needed an IoT consultant, so I reached out to Lantern Technologies over their website and presented my Problem Statement.

A bit later, we have a short multidisciplinary team that involved my tool engineers and technicians, production so they all can provide key information to perform a successful data integration.

The Solution

Alternative diagram (pick one)

The key components: IoT Platform, BLE low power Sensor, and the Internet.

Our team identified a spot to attach a magnet to the machine output rotor. Lantern’s engineers added an RPM sensor to the datalogger, which measures RPM and transmits it over BLE low power to the IoT Router and it sends the data to the IoT Platform every 1 minute.

The data is now available in real-time and over the ATS platform, my team and I receive custom alerts over email/telegram and decided to add additional variables, which use the same IoT Router to transmit to the cloud. The overall integration took us 1 month to complete.

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