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Universal IoT BLE datalogger for multipurpose applications: smart cities, smart industries, monitoring and more. 


SKU: 364215376135191
  • The BLX-01 is a data logger type sensor in which information can be received from the analog and digital inputs. Such as information from sensors of temperature, humidity, movement, rpm, real-time monitoring of industrial machines, among others.


    It can be a personalized device and adapts to the needs of the user, with respect to its functions, it has a Bluetooth module nordic nrf52832 with all the capabilities of transmitting data via Bluetooth.


    It uses a UART serial communication protocol to see and monitor what the BLX-01 sensor is processing.


    It comes with an integrated cable for the digital inputs and allows for a more accessible connection to the machine for the user.


    The sensor in its standard version uses two triple A batteries as power and thus be able to implement low consumption in it. It can also be adapted to a direct current version up to 24v depending on the customization that the user wishes to give it.

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