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We’re upgrading the i11 Road Stud Beacon. Stay tuned!

i11 Road Stud Beacon

  • Parking lots tracking


    With i11 installed on the vehicle, the parking lot management can be optimized. By locating and tracking vehicles, the presence, status, and quantity of vehicles can be viewed on the Cloud platform, making it effortless for managers to implement reasonable management strategies and enhance work efficiency based on real-time data.


    Indoor locating


    The durability of i11 also allows it to be used in many tough indoor environments to locate and track assets. Highly rated for waterproof and shockproof, i11 offers high performance while minimizing replacement costs to help users maximize benefits.


    Asset tracking


    i11 can be used for asset management in indoor environments such as warehouses, office buildings, large shopping malls, and other locations. Moreover, because of its durability, it is particularly suitable for use in the heavy industry, meeting the specific requirements of heavy machinery assets in terms of location beacons.




    • Size: 100x100x25mm
    • Weight: 140.0g(Battery included)
    • Materials: ASA
    • Device Firmware: iBeacon & Eddystone(Default)
    •                                     Mesh(Optional)
    •                                     Tamper-proof
    •                                     OTA(Optional)
    • Waterproof&Shockproof: IP68/IK08
    • Battery: 1pc Lithium battery, 2700mAh, 3 years
    • Broadcasting range: 30m (Open area) / 80m (Hang in the air)


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