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SenseCAP Wireless Light Intensity Sensor - LoRaWAN EU868MHz

LoraWan Light Intensity

SKU: 36523641234523
  • SenseCAP Wireless Light Intensity Sensor measures the intensity of light in lux from 0 - 188000 lux, which is designed for outdoor use.

    This battery-powered device incorporates a built-in LoRa transmitter based on SX1276 for long-range transmission, a digital light sensor, and a custom battery. It is specifically designed and optimized for use cases powering end devices by batteries for years. To minimize the power consumption, the device wakes up, transmits the collected light data to the gateway, and then goes back to sleep.
    Under the best of circumstances, the battery is expected to last for 8 years, depending on the data transmission intervals. Please kindly note that the default interval is once per hour. If you'd like to change the data upload interval, please refer to this document. 
    To fit in adverse conditions, it is designed with industry standards and equipped with an IP66 waterproof enclosure, supporting an extended operating temperature range, making it suitable for industrial applications in both indoor and outdoor severe environments.
    SenseCAP Sensor Node adopts a modular design, integrating the data logger with the sensor probe, which is replaceable by other SenseCAP sensor probes.




    • Support LoRaWAN protocol Class A
    • High reliability and stability
    • An ultra-wide 22-bit dynamic range
    • Ultra-wide-distance transmission: 10km in line of sight scene, 2 km in urban scenes
    • Transmission Interval: every 1 hour 
    • Battery life ≥ 8 years
    • IP66 enclosure, suitable for outdoor applications
    • Rapid installation and deployment (see the video below) 




    • Smart Agriculture
    • Smart Building 
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Other Wireless Sensing Applications
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