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S1 is a temperature & humidity sensor without E-screen based on Bluetooth® LE 5.0.

S1 Temperature Humidity Sensor

SKU: 21554345656
  • S1 is a temperature & humidity sensor without E-screen based on Bluetooth® LE 5.0. It provides up to 3 years of life and up to 200 history records to help users realize data tracking and monitoring with high accuracy. It is an ideal option for cold chain monitoring, warehouse & storage monitoring, or greenhouse monitoring, etc.


    Industrial monitoring


    Precise industrial temperature monitoring for a wide range of manufacturing processes and industries, such as the automotive industry, plastics industry, life science industry, and others. Implementing S1, the manufacturers can increase production yield and quality with flexibility for greater control over quality and costs. This reliable sensor can bring about more benefits.


    Civil monitoring


    The sensor is also available for temperature monitoring in civil environments, such as supermarkets or homes. S1 provides precise and real-time temperature data, allowing users to monitor their environments effectively. If the temperature is out of suitable range, the uses can take action for better life and assets management.


    Cold chain logistics


    S1 is positively impacting the supply chain, more specifically, the cold chain. compared to traditional temperature monitoring, which has serious verification and reliability flaws, internet-enabled temperature monitors can monitor goods 24/7/365. S1 enables the ongoing monitoring and fast alerts and can support predictive maintenance that ensures perfect transportation.


    Environmental protection & metering


    S1 can be configured in a specific area to monitor gas temperature and air relative humidity in real-time. Paired with the software developer's monitoring system software, the information of vegetable greenhouse climate issues, soil layer conditions, crop growth and development, fertilizer application, and equipment operation can be monitored and displayed in real-time.




    • Dimension: 70.6×38×17.8mm
    • Weight: 37.5g
    • Materials: ABS
    • Device Firmware: iBeacon & Eddystone(Default)
    • Mesh(Optional)
    • Tamper-proof
    • OTA(Optional)
    • Waterproof: IP66
    • Broadcasting range: 100m
    • Battery: Alkaline battery, 1000mAh, 3 years
    • Built-in sensor: Temperature & Humidity
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