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SenseCAP M1 LoRaWAN Indoor Gateway - US915

Gateway Seeed Outdoor

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Features: 


    • Handy Setup to Helium Network. 6 steps, 5 minutes, ready to go.
    • Powered by Mature Hardware Solutions. Raspberry Pi 4(2G/4G/8G RAM) and WM1302/WM1303 (Semtech SX1302/SX1303) baseband LoRa chip.
    • Secured and Reliable. Built-in ECC608 crypto chip, high-security authentication, and reliable connectivity.
    • Automatic Online Upgrades. Automatic OTA upgrades, without manual operation.
    • Remote Diagnosis. Built-in remote diagnostics mechanism, efficient online support.
    • 64GB Large Storage. 64GB MicroSD card large storage, extending the lifetime of the gateway, fulfilling the memory requirement of potential upgrade. 
    • Efficient Cooling Solution. Aluminum enclosure with a heatsink and cooling fan inside, ensuring long-term and stable operation.
    • Multiple Accessories. Fiberglass antenna, slider pad for sliding rod installation, and upcoming outdoor enclosure, etc.
    • FCC and CE Certificated. Available for personal and commercial use.
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