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Monitor your assets' location
from anywhere, anytime!


UFindIt combines the power of cutting-edge

IoT Technologies with cost-efficient hardware

tags to enable monitoring and control of

your assets within indoor locations.

Intuitive &user-friendly 3D Map

representations of your facilities.

Is easily adaptable to any type of

space or buildings

RFID & Bluetooth networks





LPWAN comprehensive solution for agriculture featuring up to 10 variables such as temperature, soil, moisture, light, water levels, flow, rain,

wind speed, among others

Guarantee a realiable & long range
real-time data from farms fields

Increase coverage and porosity of measurements

with low cost, self powered tools

Get the maximum information

about your farming!


Easy to install IoT toolset than can be deployed
in minutes, no tech savvy


This is a state-of-the-art IoT web-based solution that allows industry managers to monitor the

actual productivity of their productive assets

and make informed decisions.

Information is uploaded to SENSE 4 cloud-based
servers & is available for machine learning
analysis immediatly

Allowing industry managers

to monitor productivity!

Sense 4

Monitor machinery productive areas and
company's productivity levels live

Easily adapts to any type of indutrial machine
and wirelessly monitors real-time usage


From country-wide car dealers to single

fleet owners which need a high value-added

platform to offer to its customers.

Supports location history,
trip, chart and summary reports

Allow user defined maintenance events
and route or area geofencin

Provides web notificacions a long
with support for email.


It's time to get the most

out of your fleet!


Universal IoT BLE datalogger for

multipurpose applications: smart cities,

smart industries, monitoring and more.

4 digital inputs, 3 analog inputs

Bluetooth 5.0, 512K Flash & 64K RAM

Plug your own compatible sensor and

code your own programmable logic

The universal IoT BLE datalogger

for multipurpose apps


Integrates & stores multiple IoT sensors variables

and sends them via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)


ATS is the universal foundation for every

custom or proprietary application on

Lantern´s portfolio.

Get sensors' direct raw data regardless

of its protocol.

Create personalized rules and notification

alerts via SMS, Email or API.

Triangulates the geolocation of
LPWAN devices worldwide

ATS IoT platform

Customized dashboards for end-users'


Powerful tools,
amazing results!

We are grateful to connect people, objects, and data to empower higher productivity for our customers.

LinkAmerica Labs Team

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