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M2 Asset Traking Beacon

M2 Moko

  • Bluetooth Low Energy(BLE) is a wireless area network that allows people within its range to see its location easily, it can also be employed in the tracking of valuable assets.


    The M2 BLE asset tracking beacon utilizes the Bluetooth low energy asset tracking technology. It is can be employed indoors or outdoors to monitor inventory or other important use cases vital to your organization. It is portable and easy to install. You do not need specialized tools to set things up and running. It can be hung, screwed, or attached to a surface with a sticker.


    The M2 asset management beacon gives you a range of up to 160 meters (in open spaces without obstacles). You can easily install the BEACONX PRO APP for your iOS or Android devices to connect with the device with ease.

    How asset beacon works


    Bluetooth beacons are similar to Wi-Fi networks – they transmit radio waves within a set range (up to 70 meters). The device repeatedly broadcasts a radio signal, which can be seen by other devices within its range.


    The radio signals the beacon transmits are composed of numbers and letters which are transmitted at regular intervals (approximately 1/10th of a second). When a Bluetooth-enabled device, like a smartphone, is in the range of the transmitting device, it can see the beacon.


    This is similar to lighthouses that permanently emit visible light which serves as navigational guides for sailors.


    • Nordic nRF52811 SoC (Hardware is compatible with Bluetooth 5.1)
    • Integrated 3-axis accelerometer and magnetic (Hall-effect sensor) switch sensors
    • Accelerometer sensor for motion detection can identify whether the Beacon is moving
    • Smartphone app (iOS & Android, and provide SDK) easily configures all parameters
    • Wide broadcast range (up to 160 meters)
    • Long-lasting 1000-mAh lithium coin battery (replaceable)
    • Smartphone application for easy configuration


    General Features


    • Main Chip - Nordic nRF52811
    • Bluetooth - Bluetooth 4.2 (hardware compatible with Bluetooth 5.1)
    • Range - Up to 160 meters (in the open area and no obstacles)
    • Dimension - 70mm x 46mm x 21mm
    • Weight - 33.5g (With battery)
    • Material - ABS+PC
    • Waterproof - IP67
    • Color - Grey
    • Installation - Hang, Sticker, Screw
    • Button - Inner mechanical button
    • LED - Single red LED
    • Sensor - Omnipolar Hall-effect sensor for magnetic switch 3-axis accelerometer sensor (optional)
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