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FAQ Fleet Management Operations with NAVITAS

Frequently asked questions on NAVITAS

1. What type of vehicles or assets can I monitor with NAVITAS?

NAVITAS works with high-quality GPS devices that can be installed in both standard vehicles, trucks, heavy machinery, and even non-energized assets.

2. Is any electrical power required to place the GPS sensor?

There are either battery or wired GPSs. The fundamental difference between the two types depends on whether a frequent update of the asset's position is required. In the case of wired GPS, there are no limitations because the device is transmitting while the target asset provides electricity. If you do not have an electrical power source, it is advisable to choose some of the wireless GPS that are offered.

3. Is it possible to use the GPSs that I already have in my car and migrate them to the NAVITAS system?

NAVITAS has an existing integration engine for hundreds of GPS brands. The feasibility of this integration must be determined by our technical support team.

4. How can I choose the type of GPS for my case?

The GPSs we offer have a wide variety of use cases. Battery-powered GPSs are typically used in situations where there is no access to electrical connections within the vehicle or asset to monitor. The wired GPS have different applications ranging from reading the variables of the computer on board of the vehicle (ECU), to the control of some actions on it, such as remote shutdown.

5. What is the duration of the battery GPS?

The duration of these GPSs depends on the frequency with which the asset is required to be monitored. A refresh rate of once a day allows for a duration from 3 to 5 years.

6. How do the sensors send the location?

The GPSs sends the location through a 4G LTE signal. Hence the service depends on the data coverage of the designated mobile operator on the cellular network. If the device is outside the coverage area, some GPS will store and transmit the data once it is connected to the coverage area. Please ask your sales representative for specific information about each model.

7. How do I access the data in the system?

The data is accessed by users through a web page through a user code and password.

8. Where does my information stay?

THE NAVITAS system is hosted on AWS secure servers in the USA territory.

9. Can I get personalized reports?

Yes, personalized reports are offered upon request.

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