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FAQ on Smart Buildings asset tracking with UFINDIT

1. What type of assets can I monitor?

The tags provided can be glued to any flat surface, be it metal, plastic, or wood.

2. Is any electrical power required to place the sensor?

No. The sensors are fully wireless and come with long-lasting batteries.

3. What is the battery life of the sensor?

The battery life ranges from 8 months to 5 years depending on the sensor

Please ask your sales representative for details.

4. How do the sensors send the data?

The sensors are wireless and non-invasive. They transmit at a low frequency with the Bluetooth Low Energy protocol.

5. How do I access the data in the system?

The data is accessed by users through a web page through a user code and password.

6. How does the system connect to the internet?

The system is connected through a gateway that must be installed in the target area. The gateway receives the information from the sensors, processes it, and sends the result to the website through a secure VPN tunnel.

7. Where does my information stay?

The Asset Tracker system is hosted on AWS secure servers in the USA.

8. How many sensors can I have?

Each Gateway can receive information simultaneously from up to 300 assets. However, it is recommended to put at least one Gateway for each closed space.

9. Can you replace the beacon battery?

Since there are beacons of different configurations, we have models with the option of battery replacement and beacons that we recommend their total replacement.

10. How many gateways are needed to cover an area?

The coverage depends on the desired precision and the spaces and construction materials in the area. In open spaces, the coverage area is around 3000 ft2, with a single gateway it is only possible to know that a beacon is in that area, to have more precise positions multiple gateways are necessary to perform the trilateration.

11. On what frequency do beacons operate?

The transmission frequency of beacons is typical of the Bluetooth Low Energy standard, 2.4GHz

12. What is the estimated electrical energy consumed by the Gateways?

The consumption of a gateway is around the maximum of 400mA at 5V, that is, about 2W

13. Should I provide my internet to the Gateway or does it come with connectivity?

Either alternative is valid. If you wish you can use your own WIFI or Ethernet connection or you can provide independent LTE connectivity as part of the contract.

14. What is the internet bandwidth that gateways need to function?

This value depends on the number of beacons that the Gateway is detecting in your area since the gateway implements data reordering and reordering algorithms to reduce the necessary bandwidth, it can reach a maximum of about 160Kbps for each gateway when it has lots of beacons around.

15. What is the estimated position accuracy of the platform?

In high-density models of gateways, the precision can be 3 to 5 meters in radius around each beacon, this is because of the reflection of RF signals on objects and people around them.

16. Is sizing/ installation advice available?

Yes. Advisory services areon-demand and quoted separately.

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