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Operational efficiency on asset & people tracking with UFINDIT

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Finding tools, patients and caregivers on real time

The Challenge

The asset and people location management In healthcare facilities is key to leveraging efficiency gains and increasing patients' overall satisfaction with caregivers.

In many hospitals, there is a perceived lack of availability of equipment and tooling that triggers costly searching times from specialized personnel and over budgeting on new equipment purchasing every year. Besides, the impossibility to timely locate the right people and equipment within the facility threatens the lives and wellbeing of patients.


Internet of Things (IoT) – Base of UFINDIT technology, it is the connection between the internet, devices and people, which allows the exchange of data between them, capturing information on their use and performance, aimed at improving efficiency and creating better experiences For the users.

Connected things serve to collect or send information through sensors designed for multiple physical environments or different industries.

UFINDIT is Suitable for indoor locations; using intuitive & user-friendly 3D Map representations of your facilities. The solution is easily adaptable to any type of space or buildings from warehouses, sports facilities, office spaces or manufacturing facilities. 3D location of assets within the building is constantly logged into the platform and available for immediate analysis.

Low cost & long-lasting battery tags are available in multiple forms for your convenience.

Management Process Improvements

• Monitor assets from any place, time and from any mobile device (smartphone)

• Define your own movement rules

• Activate alerts to prevent theft or changes in zones

• Define your notification channels (eg Email, SMS)

• Set your own users and their roles

• Ability to view reports for asset locations

• Reports defined to your specific needs

Benefit 1

Reduce caregivers searching times

• Increase the real time visibilty of assets when they are needed

• Avoid wasting time searching for equipment

• Improve productivity as a result of shorter seek times

• Doctors, nurses and staff more focused on patients and not the location of equipment


In an average hospital of 300-500 beds

30% of nurses on average report spending at least an hour per shift searching for equipment, which can slow down their productivity.

Estimated loss based on a team of 100 nurses $180,000 at a $4000 base salary

Source Link

Benefit 2

Inventory management and equipment availability

• Increase productivity by improving inventory management processes

• Reduction in the number of capital assets (inventory)


• One hospital considered purchasing 180 daily ICU ventilators.

• Actual ICU utilization rates were 55%,

• The hospital limited its purchase to 50 additional ventilators instead of 80, ensuring timely availability.

• Reducing the number of excess ventilators from 80 to 50 units resulted in a $325,000 CAPEX reduction for the hospital without impacting caregivers or patients."

Source: Link

Benefit 3

Expands on more IoT applications

Once in place, UFINDIT platform allows the integration of additional IoT sensors to monitor variables such as room temperature, humidity, vibration, energy, liquids, and gas flows, among others. These type of applications helps operations to prevent and promptly react to malfunctions or alerting about any non-compliance situation.


• Data from a study of 14 hospitals and 27 units reported a reduction of 4,901 call lights per month, for all units doing one-hour rounds. This meant that nurses had an additional 326 hours per month for other aspects of patient care."

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