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Asset control in Medical devices manufacturing with UFINDIT

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

Enabling regulations compliance in medical devices manufacturing


In 2020 a total of 2800 manufacturing tools and equipment started being tracked with our RTLS Indoor Asset tracking solution using smart tags attached to each asset and a smart triangulation network of more than 100 Bluetooth Gateways which extended across a manufacturing facility of more than 150.000 ft2

• Hardware

• BLE Gateways

• Smart BLE active battery powered tags


• 2800 assets monitored

• Web Platform with 3D digital twin visualization of the plant.

• User customizable reports and location-based alerts.

Customer challenge and key benefits

The medical manufacturing industry is extremely sensitive to regulations and procedures to guarantee product compliance on their target markets. The industry requires control of calibration and scheduled mainatenance. In large facilities it can be challenging to maintain a timely maintenance schedule of equipment and tools. The lack of visibility may cause long and wasteful search times of personnel and may even trigger nonconformities on production audits and a lot of backward work on regulations reports.

The company was able to enable a facility-wide Asset Location Management System that automatically monitors assets location to reduce search times. In addition, they can thoroughly comply on audits, regulatory and internal procedures requirements. Finally, they are now able to meet preventive maintenance schedules and guarantee tooling optimal performance. As an upside, the solution serves facility managers and the financial department to keep an up to the minute inventory of thousands of devices and tools across their plant in real-time.

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